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How to Pack Up Mirrors

How to Pack Up MirrorsBeyond getting seven years bad luck, a broken mirror can be a costly moving mistake. Start things off with a lucky streak in your new home by getting your hanging mirrors, table mirrors and dressers mirrors there in one piece.

Packing Mirrors with a Frame

Framed mirrors can be hung from the wall or a part of a dresser/mirror combo. Regardless of how you use them you’ll want to take special precautions when moving these mirrors.

  • First, use bubble wrap or packing paper all the way around the mirror and secure the wrap or paper in place with tape.
  • As an extra precaution you can also wrap it in what’s called a picture pouch. A picture pouch will keep the frame safe from water damage.
  • Next get a picture or mirror box from a Houston moving company or supply store. These boxes are specially made for securely packing up wall items. Measure your framed mirror before buying to ensure you get the right size box. The box should easily accommodate the mirror without a lot of left over space.
  • Fill the space at the bottom of the box with packing paper or additional bubble wrap.
  • Slide the mirror in then fill void spaces at the top with more packing paper or wrap.
  • Tape the box up tight and label it with “Fragile” and “This Side Up” so that movers know to handle it with care.


Packing Mirrors Without a Frame

Mirrors that don’t have a frame can be especially tricky to move. The often have sharp edges and lack the support that a framed mirror has.

  • First and foremost use Styrofoam corner protectors that are made to for pictures. These will provide the best fit to protect the mirror edges and anyone moving it.
  • Next wrap the mirror in bubble wrap. Wrap it up tightly just as you would a gift and secure it with tape.
  • Find the best-sized picture or mirror box that will fit the already wrapped mirror.
  • Stuff packing paper into the bottom and corners of the box, slide the wrapped mirror in then stuff additional packing paper around the mirror at the top of the box before taping it shut.
  • Just as with a framed mirror, you’ll want to clearly label the box with “Fragile” so that everyone is aware that the box needs to be handled delicately. 

Loading Up Mirrors for a Move 

Now that you’ve got your mirrors securely packed, it’s time to load them up. Even though precaution was taken during the packing process, if you position the mirror in the wrong way or don’t secure it during transportation you may be unpacking the mirror in pieces. Here’s what you need to know:

  • If the mirror is attached to a dresser, remove it and pack it separately before loading it up.
  • Load the mirror with the glass facing the wall of the truck.
  • Avoid stacking it on top of other boxes or it may slide if the driver has to make a hard turn or brake quickly.
  • Don’t load up mirrors next to loose items that could move or shift during the ride.
  • Put mirrors between mattresses or cushions for added protection. 

Follow these steps and your mirrors should make it to your new home with no problems.

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