Dog Collars Perfect for Your Hunting Dogs

Dogs have been known to be useful companions when people go hunting. But, knowing how dogs are, their natural instinct can sometimes kick in when they are released into the wild forest. Instinctive behaviors of the dogs when left unchecked can be considered risky. They can get lost in the thick forest. They can become prey to larger wild animals out there when they run too far from the hunting party. And they can ruin the hunt with their incessant barking.

Fortunately, with proper training and use of technology and equipment, any of the undesirable behaviors from the dog can be kept in control. There are tools you can use to make sure that your dog is a big help and doesn’t turn into a nuisance during your hunt. Among those tools will be the various types of hunting dog collars.

There are many types of collars that can be perfect for a hunting dog. These hunting dog collars can include dog training collars, tracking collars and bark collars. Each of these has their own functions which would prove helpful for you.

Dog training collars are usually of the electronic type. This one sends electrical stimuli to the dogs to ensure that they conduct proper behavior. This collar can be operated remotely.  As an owner, you can condition encouraging behavior from your dog by not sending that electrical jolt. But when undesired action is seen in your dog like running beyond where you can’t see him, you can press that remote control and send corrective stimulus towards your pet. The unpleasant electrical shock can make your dog become aware of bad behavior. This system when applied on the field can be of immense use.

The tracking collar will come extremely helpful when you bring with you multiple hounds during your hunt. With this collar, you can track the position of any dog up to 7 miles away. This state-of-the-art equipment makes use of GPS system. It is fashioned to withstand rugged use so you’ll find it lightweight yet waterproof and extremely durable. A variation of this is the blood tracking collar which is ideal obviously for a blood tracking dog like the dachshund. In this type, however, a leash is usually attached so that you can follow your dog with ease as you look for wounded animals with little blood trail to them.

Finally, there are the bark collars.  Incessant barking of the dog isn’t ideal when you are trying to hunt for deer in the wild. Using this collar, barking can be controlled as it gives the essential shocks that cause the dog to cease its yapping. The collar has different intensities to it that you can choose from that will be an ideal strength to correct undesired barking. Most of these units rely on vibration sensor which picks up the vibrating vocal chords of the dog during a bark and then sends back the right corrective stimuli.

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